Eritail Publishing Community: How to Sell Any Digital Service and Receive Payment Worldwide

​​​Today is the first day of 2023 according to the Gregorian calendar. E-commerce continues to thrive and the number of digital nomads that are earning their living off of the internet has rapidly increased since the COVID-19 era of 2020.

In spite of worsening security, roaring inflation, and tougher fiscal measures, people who use the leverage of the internet for business and commercial purposes have enjoyed much higher standards of living overall, some with earnings that stagger the imagination.

Yet one crucial business concern remains, which continues to plague many potentials in this vast digital web of abundant opportunities, and that is: how to collect payment over the internet securely and conveniently.

The Security Challenge

There are possibly hundreds of channels by which one may make a digital payment. The challenge is that every shopper wants to pay using only the popular payment channels. Few are willing to consider anything else, especially not some payment channel they’ve never seen nor heard about until now that some internet bloke is recommending that they use it.

“No way, scammer!”

Not so easy to take the “bait” as some may call it because as a digital services provider, if your payment channel is not Stripe, PayPal, or any reputable alternative, you will turn on the red lights of alarm in any Buyer’s mind. You trigger suspicion and incur scrutiny because you are only as trustworthy as your payment partner.

The Convenience Challenge

“Shouldn’t every serious freelancer be using top, secure, and recognized payment channels such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.?”

Yes, absolutely! Digital professionals should be able to accept payment from top payment channels online. Everybody realizes this by now, but not everybody is able to do it.

“Why not?”

Our answer is that it is inconvenient for the governments and corporations that control the top digital payment services to let everyone sell on their platforms. For example, PayPal and several others restrict their services to only those countries and markets that they understand, barring users from outside their ecosystem from accessing their merchant services.

It defies the logic that this should remain so, because since 2008 when digital publishing imploded with Amazon’s launching of its Kindle Direct Publishing platform, the world continues to rely on developing countries for unending pools of cheap labor and human resources. It seems absurd that this same cheap labor pool is restricted from merchandising its labor in the open global market.

It has to be extremely inconvenient for the rest of the world because the preventive and punitive measures enacted as a result make it equally inconvenient for freelancers from developing nations in Africa to utilize a popular digital payment channel like PayPal.

The Eritail Community Marketplace

People are at the heart of what we do at Eritail. We the folks at Eritail Publishing are out to build a community that works for everyone, not just a select few. Now with the unveiling of the Eritail Community Marketplace, publishing services providers and freelancers from all around the world can literally sell their skills and products to anyone in the world via top billing solutions such as Stripe and PayPal and get paid in US Dollars.

The Eritail marketplace is available to all digital creators, including but not limited to, writers, editors, illustrators, artists, coaches, developers, webmasters, translators, consultants, etc. who are ethical and professional in their dealings with other people. Our user experience is as simple as pressing a button because we are your partners and we do all the heavy lifting. Simply offer, deliver and earn if you are a seller. Or request, pay and approve if you are a buyer. There are no registration fees and no recurring fees to consider.

Selling and buying on Eritail is like partnering with a larger organization that is invested in the success of your transactions. Eritail plays the role of an expert mediator between seller and buyer, ensuring that deliveries are timely, goals are met, payments are prompt, and everyone is happy.

Do you want to hire digital skills or sell your virtual services to the world market without any biases (race, class, country etc.) or prejudices? It is easy, quick and free! Just visit and create your account to get started.

Register here:

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