Eritail Community Marketplace: Offer Services, Deliver Services, Receive Earnings – It’s So Simple!

Are you a writer, editor, illustrator, artist, coach, webmaster, translator, consultant, etc.? Are you ready to monetize your digital skills? Start a FUN career where you can work from home, work for yourself, even work from the road if you’ve ventured off on a mobile lifestyle. Join Eritail Publishing’s Community Marketplace and sell anything as a publishing services provider. Register FREE and publish your first Offer to kick-start your career automatically.

​Why Buy/Sell Your Freelance Services Through Eritail Publishing’s Community Marketplace?

For those that have neither used nor heard about Eritail Publishing, the following are some of those characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Eritail Publishing is heavily invested in the success of your Offer. We spend a lot on advertising your Offers, we provide top billing solutions for your Clients, and we use our own experts to back you up. Unlike Fiverr, we handle the client support professionally so that Sellers can focus on a timely delivery.
  • Eritail Publishing has devised a new selling model where we oversee the Order through the entire fulfillment process, and we either issue a refund to the Buyer or assume responsibility if the Seller does not deliver the services as agreed.
  • Buyers can say goodbye to scammers finally. Buyers no longer have to accept fake or inferior quality work because Seller says they “did their best.” Express your dissatisfaction and Eritail experts will come to the rescue.
  • Eritail Publishing’s robust team of in-house experts will turn any amateur work into brilliant results because we greatly value your time.
  • Buyer and Seller each maintain 100% of their money and rights respectively, until the project is completed and accepted.

Why Become an Eritail Community Seller?

There are many benefits to selling your freelance services on Eritail and below are some of the most advantageous reasons:

  1. Help people tell their stories
  2. Benefit from unlimited earning potential
  3. Support writers’ dreams to become published authors
  4. Own your own business in a fast-growing industry.
  5. Enjoy a fun and creative job
  6. Work the hours you want
  7. Take your job anywhere.

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