Eritail Publishing exists to help self-published authors of all genres sell more self-published books because, and we are living examples of this, self-published authors are more likely to reach a bigger audience and become bestselling authors when they have the power, experience, skills and resources of successful publishers to support them.

Eritail Publishing is a company that helps independent and self-published authors to write, self-publish, and market their books. Our mission is to help self-published writers and independent creators of all genres reach as many people as possible with their books. With our breakthrough discovery in self-publishing technology, Eritail has everything that self-published authors need to launch their publishing careers—or, in the case of authors who are already established, take everything to the next level.

Eritail Publishing provides our all-in-one shop for the best self-publishing tools, information, coaching, and resources for self-published authors of all genres and at all stages of their careers, including those who’ve already had top recognition, as well as aspiring authors who are just getting started.

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Eritail Publishing understands and appreciates self-published writers more than most self-publishing platforms. In fact, the main reason Eritail Publishing exists is because its founder King Benson believes that authors should be free to express their creative genius and not be forced to fit into a prefabricated market space that is dictated by external forces outside the author’s control.

In the traditional publishing landscape, innovation is stifled and book publishers only seek more of the same, effectively killing many authors’ publishing dreams. Eritail is for you if you’re ready to self-publish your book. Eritail is also for you if you’re tired of being fleeced by fake publishers and book marketers.


Since 2015 when Eritail Publishing started, there has been a record spike in the number of individuals and companies offering publishing information and book publishing advice to help independent authors get published, but none was doing it in a comprehensive way, none was successful and everything was in bits and pieces.

That is because, to the other people and companies offering “similar” services, helping self-published authors to increase their chances with self-publishing has always been something of an afterthought—a “side thing” that self-publishing gurus and freelance editors sometimes offer. To make matters worse, those people often (inadvertently) provide contradictory (and incorrect) information that confuses aspiring authors and results in failure.


Firstly, our experts enjoy discovering new books with bestseller or high commercial potential. Secondly, they enjoy helping to develop those books, and working with self-published authors to build their own platforms and audiences; while our publishing coaches enjoy interacting with authors: talking shop, educating them, and helping them have the right mindset for success.

In addition to Eritail Publishing being the only coaching and education company completely dedicated to helping independent authors get published and sell more books, we take a comprehensive approach to the process. Anyone who knows anything about self-publishing knows that it’s extremely difficult to get a new author into the bestseller chart and keep them there. So our approach at Eritail Publishing is to leave no stone unturned.