[SINCHI POWER LAMI LM350] Desktop A3-Sized Heavy-Duty (3-10 mil) Commercial 4-Roller Laminator Machine



PATENTED ANTI-JAMMING TECHNOLOGY: The jam-free structure of the rollers makes a jam nearly impossible, as most misfed pouches will go through and complete the lamination. It is ideal for large office, school, and commercial use.

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: The combination of 48-second warm-up & up to 40 inches/minute speed saves you valuable time on lamination projects. It takes only four minutes to laminate ten 3-mil letter size pouches.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The 13-inch inlet accepts all standard pouches from ID card to 13″ x 19″ poster size, 3 to 10 mil per side.

NO WAITING: Absolutely no waiting when switching from thinner to thicker pouches or vice versa.

SAFETY: The intelligent auto-shutdown improves safety and conserves energy.

STARTER KIT: The package also includes ten 3-mil laminating sheets, and one sheet of cleaning paper. The cleaning paper is an excellent tool for keeping the rollers clean, which reduces the chance of a jam.

WARRANTY & AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Seller offers 12-month warranty & 7-days a week after-sales service to look after you.

NOTE: This machine is designed for commercial use, therefore it is not as quiet as entry-level laminators. The sound comes from the heavy duty metal gear box, which is normal. If sound level matters, you can try SINCHI QuickLami A235H (3-5 mil) or SmartLami C435H (3-10 mil).

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The super-efficient combination of a 48-second warm-up period and a laminating speed of up to 40 inches per minute saves you valuable time on lamination projects. From the time the machine is switched on to the end of the lamination project, the process takes 65 seconds for one 3 mil letter-size pouch, 82 seconds for two, and less than four minutes for 10. Thanks to Variable Speed technology, the machine requires no waiting when switching from thinner to thicker pouches or vice versa. This is a super-efficient laminating machine. While other people’s laminator machines are still warming up, your high-quality lamination project will already be finished.


This anti-jamming or jam-free structure always provides a perfect guide for the laminating pouch as it runs through the machine, even when the pouch is not properly inserted. Misfeeding and glue residue on the rollers are the main reasons that may cause a jam during lamination. With SINCHI anti-jamming structure, the possibility of a jam is quite little.


  • Patented anti-jamming structure allows trouble-free lamination.
  • No waiting to switch from thinner to thicker pouches or vice versa. Just select the setting according to pouch thickness and insert the pouch.
  • Intelligent auto-shutdown and cool down the hot rollers to prolong the lifetime.


  • Compatible with pouches ranging from 3 to 10 mil per side, covering all available pouches on the market.
  • Compatible with all standard pouches from the ID card size to an 13″ x 19″ poster.
  • By using the supplied complimentary cleaning sheet, glue residue and even small jammed pouches can be removed easily.


  • Select the setting according to pouch thickness, adjust the lamination quality by document specifications.
  • Electrical reverse function is provided in case the wrong document has been inserted and the user wants to cancel lamination.
  • At 10 mil setting, it is a perfect foil application machine second to none.

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