What SUCCESSFUL Authors DO Differently


Do you know what sets successful authors apart from others? Once you know what it is, you would be shocked to discover just how simple it is to implement these characteristics into your own book publishing business.


The ordinary author wants to write and sell books. The successful author knows that those are two different tasks that require different expertise. The ordinary author ends up doing neither. The successful author successfully completes both and goes on to complete other things. The keyword here is FOCUS. When you learn to zoom in and focus on the fine detail, you can’t help but get things done.


Successful authors don’t make plans and then sit back and do nothing. When successful authors get an idea, ACTION is their watchword. They will not rest until they have a chance to put their ideas to work. Successful authors know that taking action on their plans is only the beginning of the process, so they want to take that action as soon as possible.

Ordinary authors, on the other hand, will make plans but procrastinate until the plan vanishes from mind altogether. Once in a while, the ordinary author will revisit old plans and decide which ones he would like to pursue. Then the circle will repeat itself. With such an attitude to work, the ordinary author not only achieves nothing but also deprives himself of the tenacity and problem-solving skills he would have acquired by tackling his business problems.


How tough are you on the inside? How far will you go to put your ideas and plans to work? Successful authors set themselves apart with this single attribute. They will go most lengths to make it work. They will endure hardship, pain, shame and even loss.

In contrast, unsuccessful authors can’t wait to bow out. They’ll do so at the least pressure or difficulty. Unsuccessful authors become panicky and fidgety once a challenge sets in. They’ll choose the easy way out rather than go that extra mile. Usually, they’ll find ways to live with their problems instead of trouble themselves to fix them.


Perhaps one startling attribute that set successful authors apart is their ability to turn in several different angles at once. Successful authors have failed enough times to know that the plan won’t always work, so they stay alert and on the lookout for new directions. They embrace ‘change‘ the way unsuccessful authors embrace ‘comfort.’

Successful authors have enough experience to know that, sooner than later, something’s sure to go wrong. They are aware that the path they started on won’t always be the path they’d end on, which is why they want to get started on it right away. They work with a sense of urgency that allows them to accomplish as much as possible before the tide turns against them. This is what helps them to get ahead of the competition. While the ordinary author is wondering whether or not to fix the problem, the successful author has fixed it and moved on to the next challenge.

As we can plainly see, becoming a successful author isn’t rocket science if you’re ready to accept and deal with these simple truths. Being successful isn’t entirely dependent on acquiring a set of tools or equipment, or in working in the right group or team. These are, at best, half-truths.

True success is a state of being; the way you choose to live, think and act consciously. When you can align your focus, thoughts and actions to the same goal and toward the same objective, you will enjoy a success that won’t only immensely gratify you but will also inspire many thousands others after you.


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