Indie Authors: How to be The Darling of Your Readers

Some authors are gifted with certain special attributes that make them naturally attractive to readers. They are insanely different yet confident in their ways, and readers cannot help but flock to them by the numbers. Lucky authors!

Albeit, the rest of us — ordinary authors — don’t have a lot natural charm; hence, we must learn to focus on the best use of what we have. Given the sales decline and reader anonymity issues that we all face, I have come up with an easy step-by-step method that you can use to transform yourself into the type of author that readers will love.

Re-Brand Yourself

The first step is a complete transformation of self. You are going to create a new profile of the type of author that you would like to become. You are going to do some or all of the following:

  1. Get a professional website or, if you have one already, relaunch your site.
  2. Relaunch or create new social networking channels. You don’t have to be on them all. Two or three work just fine. The lesser, the better.
  3. Get cool, new and professional photos/videos to spice up your website and social media pages.

Re-Brand Your Books

Once you have established a new public persona, it’s time to extend the coolness and professionalism to your products. You’re going to do some or all of the following:

  1. Revise each of your books with the assistance of a professional editor.
  2. Remake your book covers with the assistance of a professional cover artist, and under the guidance of a publishing expert.
  3. Quietly, relaunch them. That is, re-upload them back to your retailers without telling anyone about it. When everything is set and your books are back to market, you’re ready for the sweetest part.

Schedule a Major Promotion

This last part should be easy if I work with you. Together, we will schedule a major campaign for your new author brand, not to sell more books but to acquire more readers. The campaign will run in three simultaneous processes:

The Targeting
The Offering and
The Acquisition.

In Targeting, we will target the type of readers that will be attracted to you the most, create an ideal profile for both genders, and find out where they’re hanging out.

In Offering, we will craft the promotions and offers that will most influence this sect of coveted readers, set up systems to hold the campaign framework and use automation to drive the plan.

In Acquisition, we will seal the deal by triggering the campaign. The campaign will be fully automated, so, once triggered, all we’d need to do is sit back monitor the results, and adjust and tweak as necessary.

This is an overly simplified illustration, so please use this information as reference only. Each book will present a different unique position that will require different circumstances, yet all must undergo all three processes. Note that this is a very different type of promotion strategy. Unlike your usual method of attempting to make a sale at first contact, this strategy attempts to acquire the reader first and then make the sale later. The entire process will take the reader from an unknown stranger to a new fan who is pleased to know you.

The most beautiful part about using this strategy is that you can keep it going to for as long as you wish. It’s like plug ‘n’ play; no manual action is needed. You plug it in (or trigger it) and it operates itself. Once set, your systems will remain in place and you’ll have all the analysis you need to accurately measure results.

This strategy will also teach you to put your readers first. It will teach you how to effectively utilize your advertising budget to drive for maximum gains at the least costs. When you know that the reader is more important than the sale, you’ll know what to spend your advertising funds on. Not only will you learn where your advertising funds should go, you will also learn how to make every cent count.

Good luck!


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