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Indie Author vs. Indie Publisher: What Sets Them Apart?

What many self-published authors fail to realise is that they are both their authors and publishers. KDP, NOOK Press, Kobo Writing Life, Smashwords and Draft2Digital are not publishers — they’re distribution platforms! If you visit any of these websites and check their terms of service,

Why Some Indie Authors Will Never Succeed

There are already way too many unsuccessful authors, and, sadly, a lot of them are bound to remain that way. This is not necessarily because they’re bad writers, but because they’re bad publishers. Let’s highlight some of the reasons that will keep these authors from

The Four Stages of Authorship

If you are an author, here’s your chance to find out which stage of the business you currently are. Every published author, whether traditionally published or indie published, fall into one of these four career stages of authorship. The Unknown Author All authors start out

Four Benefits of a Joint Publishing Partnership

It doesn’t happen as often as one would expect, nevertheless you need to see the ripple effect that is created when two or more authors band up together for a common objective. Truly, there’s strength in unity. I am not talking about the kind of

Indie Publishing Vs. Self Publishing Vs. Vanity Publishing

Someone talked about “indie publishing” yesterday. Today, somebody is talking about “self publishing,” and that other fella over there has just mentioned “vanity publishing.” It can get very confusing when all are used interchangeably. First, what is indie publishing? “Indie” is an informal variation of