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Indie Authors: How to be The Darling of Your Readers

Some authors are gifted with certain special attributes that make them naturally attractive to readers. They are insanely different yet confident in their ways, and readers cannot help but flock to them by the numbers. Lucky authors! Albeit, the rest of us — ordinary authors

Indie Author vs. Indie Publisher: What Sets Them Apart?

What many self-published authors fail to realise is that they are both their authors and publishers. KDP, NOOK Press, Kobo Writing Life, Smashwords and Draft2Digital are not publishers — they’re distribution platforms! If you visit any of these websites and check their terms of service,

The Art of Book Selling

It isn’t just authors; people, in general, are wary of the word: sell. But selling your own books can be an enjoyable experience once you face it with the correct attitude. What is a sale? A sale is simply a transaction between a buyer and

3 Top Qualities of Books that Attract Readers

Let’s face it: it’s hard to sell any book. Some books are also easier to sell than others. By the way you produce, package and present your book, you can greatly influence how buyers perceive it. Only self publishers who know this secret are taking

How to Find and Keep Your Own Book Customers

This may sound banal, but unless you have prearranged methods to retain each of your book customers (that is, the readers who purchase your book), you’ll never be successful for the long term. Book publishing is a business. He who owns the customer owns the

The Truth About Online Bookstores & Digital Retailers

If you sell your books primarily through online bookstores and you’re an unknown author, you should expect to sell very little copies (if any at all). Publishing your book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc. doesn’t guarantee any sale. Too many authors wrongly assume