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How to Build a Successful Author–Reader Relationship

Without understanding how the author–reader relationship works, you may actually be inhibiting your chances of developing a successful relationship with your readers. Many indie authors cannot acquire readers because they don’t know how to attract and keep them. The fact is, many readers love self-published

Indie Author vs. Indie Publisher: What Sets Them Apart?

What many self-published authors fail to realise is that they are both their authors and publishers. KDP, NOOK Press, Kobo Writing Life, Smashwords and Draft2Digital are not publishers — they’re distribution platforms! If you visit any of these websites and check their terms of service,

What SUCCESSFUL Authors DO Differently

  Do you know what sets successful authors apart from others? Once you know what it is, you would be shocked to discover just how simple it is to implement these characteristics into your own book publishing business. Focus The ordinary author wants to write

Why Some Indie Authors Will Never Succeed

There are already way too many unsuccessful authors, and, sadly, a lot of them are bound to remain that way. This is not necessarily because they’re bad writers, but because they’re bad publishers. Let’s highlight some of the reasons that will keep these authors from

The Three Types of Authors

If you don’t know it by now, authors are not all the same. Yes, many authors are made of similar stuff, but there are authors whose variant are quite uncommon and seem to defy all logic. The reality is that it is these “abnormal” authors

Why Success Is Not Always What You See

If you have not clearly defined for yourself what success means for you as an author, you may have to wait a long time for it. Truth be told, a lot of us are successful in more ways than one. When you publish a book

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Authors

When you chance a look at many highly successful indie authors, all you can see are usually just the books and digital products. What you DO NOT see are the personal virtues and deeply grounded habits that drive their success. Success is often not what

The Four W’s of Publishing Success

Many professional authors started out as indie authors who had to do it all alone — basically by themselves — without any sort of help or professional advice. The results? Poor sales, lack of profitable following, and an unsustainable publishing model. Most end up failing